I was trained through The Nation’s intensive fact-checking internship program and have extensive experience dealing with tricky/complicated reportage since. Projects I’ve fact-checked include AMERICAN REHAB, an investigative series from Reveal that delves deep into the exploitative industry of work therapy-based rehab programs (which won the 2020 IRE Medal!), a feature for The Intercept on how flawed metrics for quantifying internally displaced Haitians has allowed the Trump administration to suspend TPS for those who need it, and a deep-dive into the evangelical pro-Trump bubble against his impeachment for The Huffington Post.

I also fact-check nonfiction book projects! Recent books include a magisterial exploration of how a murderer managed to manipulate William F. Buckley Jr. into helping him get off Death Row, a definitive deep dive into the world of Facebook and a progressive economics writer’s case for regulating the free market as a precondition for personal freedom.

Please feel free to email me if you are looking for a fact-checker or researcher for your book/investigative project! Happy to discuss rates, time-frames, send along references, etc.

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