At The Nation, I wrote about

why Hong Kong democracy protesters are turning to the American right, and
interviewed Sophie Lewis, a feminist theorist, about pregnancy as work.

At The Outline, I wrote about

how subtle asian traits demonstrates the incoherence of a monolithic Asian identity
how the Tumblr crackdown on adult content has affected the furry community,
why K-pop band BTS got in transnational political strife over a T-shirt,
how Tidying Up with Marie Kondo exposes the cracks in commodity fetishism,
Rob Mitchum’s Album of the Year mega-spreadsheet,
Glossier’s relationship to capitalism
Anne Carson’s lectures on aesthetics,
XXXtentacion and Lil Peep’s legacies,
my deep and unabiding love for Zadie Smith’s work,
and a concise history of the Devil in American pop culture.

Other posts include the definitive Christmas song alignment chart, the CCP-backed Karl Marx anime, how Ralph Breaks the Internet has a wildly sophisticated theory of the Internet, Axl Rose’s anti-CCP stance, etc.

At Popula, I wrote on

how a relatively misunderstood Chinese term offers insight into the current political climate of Hong Kong (and even the United States),
and my personal reflections on being a non-immigrant alien in the United States.

At The Midway Review, I wrote 

about whiteness as a marker for class privilege,
and reviewed Anne F. Garréta’s Sphinx

At The Chicago Maroon, I reported on (and reviewed) many theater and ballet productions, but I’m most proud of 

my feature on a UChicago student’s debut YA novel,
and a tribute to the late Jong-hyun of SHINee fame.

I also have a poem published in the Asian-American Writers’ Workshop’s literary journal, The Margins.