This year I’ve been thinking a lot about the possibilities and limitations of art in a thoroughly violent world: I’ve written about compromised political theatre that thinks itself to be lambasting Trump, campus theatre that uplifts the voices of women of colour, and reported on Ai Weiwei’s maudlin take on documenting the refugee crisis. At The Outline, I wrote about Satan as an index for the way we’re processing our socio-political anxieties.


I wrote at length about whiteness as a marker for class privilege, a UChicago student’s relatively problematic debut YA novelMitski at Pitchfork, Terrence Gower’s “Havana Case Study”, and reported on Knausgaard’s thoughts on writing. I also wrote a tribute to the late Jong-hyun of SHINee fame, and got a poem published in the Asian-American Writers’ Workshop’s literary journal, The Margins.


I reviewed Anne F. Garréta’s Sphinx