Hi! I’m Rosemarie.

I’m a freelance arts and culture writer. I was awarded the prestigious Les River Fellowship for Young Novelists at the University of Chicago, from which I graduated in 2018 with a degree in Philosophy and Allied Fields (Literary Studies). I like thinking about pop culture and its tenuous relationship to race, capitalism, and gender, as well as the role of the arts in our current political climate. You would not know this judging from my Twitter feed, as I mostly tweet about wanting cats.

I was Boston Review‘s Summer 2018 Editorial Intern, the Editor-in-Chief of The Midway Review, and The Point Magazines 2017 Metcalf Editorial Intern. My resume can be found on my LinkedIn; a full CV is available upon request. I also have a fairly irregular TinyLetter. If I sound even remotely interesting, hit me up at rosemarie.siksuen.ho at gmail dot com.