Hi! I’m Rosemarie.

I’m a freelance fact-checker and culture writer, who’s just finished up an internship at The Nation Magazine. I was awarded the Les River Fellowship for Young Novelists at the University of Chicago, from which I graduated in 2018 with a degree in Philosophy and Allied Fields (Literary Studies). I like thinking about pop culture and its tenuous relationship to race, capitalism, and gender, as well as art’s relationship to politics. Other interests include post/coloniality, literature, memes, Hong Kong politics, and how all of the above intersect in strange, multifarious ways.

Some relevant positions I’ve held: I’ve interned at The Outline’s Culture section, Boston Review, and The Point Magazine. My resume can be found on my LinkedIn; a full CV is available upon request. 

If you like my work, please consider supporting my Patreon! For conversations and other dispatches, hit me up at rosemarie.siksuen.ho [at] gmail [dot] com, or read my attempts at shitposting on Twitter.